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KEIC Objectives

Free, Fair & Credible Elections

The KEIC strong room is focused on working with the stakeholders and the election body to deliver free, fair and credible elections.

Receiving and Disseminating Evidence

The KEIC strong room will establish an ICT communication platform for receiving and disseminating evidence based information on the elections situation across the country.

Collaborative Platform

The KEIC strong room will provide a collaborative platform for civil societies to work together while creating room for individual identities. It is a hybrid coalition, which both allows groups to pursue their own election work and assumes joint effort to engage government.

Advance Planning and Scenario Building

The KEIC strong Room is a forum for advance planning and scenario building. It aims to provide a platform for civil society groups to strategize and plan on election engagement. Through its diverse membership, the strong room is able to assess situations and prepare for eventualities.

Evidence Based Analysis

KEIC strong Room is a forum for evidence based analysis. It aims to utilize the resources/information from the field through its members to provide analysis that will aid the election process.

Effective Policy & Operational Response

The strong Room’s objective is to utilize these information assets, ensure credibility of information available to it, provide recommendations, options and analysis based on the information, and mobilize networks to ensure that there is an effective policy or operational response based on these options.

Rapid Response

The greatest attribute of the KEIC strong Room is the capacity for rapid response to emergencies that affect the election process. Preventing the problems that provoke violence through proactive and real time engagement saves society from the cost of violence and the reactive responses, which in emerging democracies can often do little to improve the situation.

Credible Platform

The KEIC strong Room aims to be a credible platform for engagement of the election management body, government, media, general public and other stakeholders on the elections. Given its structure and resources, it brings to the table an appreciable capital based on the credibility of its members. Its diverse composition enables a balanced approach that ensures objectivity.

47 Counties

1880 + Elective Seats

40,770 + Polling Stations

1 Country

Observation and Monitoring

Observing and monitoring an election is important in order to improve its quality, build public confidence and protect the rights of the people who participate in it by way of voting.

The Kenya Elections Information Centre (KEIC) seeks to enhance the credibility and transparency of the Kenyan elections by critically observing and monitoring the manner in which they will be conducted. The process also helps to diffuse tensions that arise as a result of the high levels of suspicion and malpractices that most elections are prone to.

KEIC observatory for pre-election, election and post-election is designed to react to real time challenges of the electoral process. The main objective is to collect real time relevant information and alert authorities to respond as quickly as needed, therefore reducing the risk of misinformation and tensions.

We believe that democratic processes should inspire trust from voters and all relevant key stakeholders so that the government that emerges as the winner has full legitimacy from the people.

observation and monitoring