Kenya Elections Information Centre



  • Riverside Drive, Westlands
  • Phone: +254 722 100 030
  • Phone: +254 739 801 600
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What is KEIC

KEIC stands for Kenya Elections Information Centre, and it is an election situation room which is a complementary to traditional election observation.

What is KEIC's Goal?

To facilitate effective information management for a credible, peaceful, free and fair elections in Kenya.

How does KEIC intend to address election related problems?

Kenya Elections Information center (KEIC) seeks to respond to these problems by setting up innovative ways of generating timely information, verifying, analysis as well as timely dissemination to relevant stakeholders to stimulate response reaction.

What are the technological tools that KEIC uses?

Effective content management system;
ICT and SMS application in election observation and monitoring;
Stakeholder identification and characterization;
Training and deployment of observers;
Expert analysis, validation and dissemination of real-time information.

What platforms does KEIC use to implement its projects?

Citizens Platform;
Inclusivity Platform (PWD);
Women & Youth Platform;
Observers Platform;
Monitors Platforms