My 11 years experience in the non-profit sector, government has been centrally focused on analyzing and developing technologies that empower communities. These programs are in the area of participation in governance, transparency, development of monitoring and evaluation methodology for policy and organizations’ advocacy strategy.

My initial formative years in the sector saw my engagement on training, developing and managing human rights monitoring systems for organisations across the globe; Martus and Budget Tracking systems using open technologies to bridge reporting and creating a learning community of human rights defenders in Africa and the region. We developed the first real-time Election Monitoring tool now scaled up to East Africa and Nigeria – the brand Uchaguzi.
I have also designed, developed and deployed a Citizens Feedback and Engagement tool (Huduma) now that has been adopted for MDGs monitoring by the United Nations Millennium Campaign.

My drive is to connect with other technologist in sustaining a culture of giving and commitment to positive change through appropriate information and communication technologies. Such passion was the genesis of my involvement with KETAM as Associate Program Director and an Advisor to the Board largely responsible for the Monitoring and Evaluation for Impact – Iscale in Kenya. I have worked with Tactical Tech ( , and an associate at Social Development Network a charter of Social Watch

Currently CO-Founded 107 Holdings an investment company focused on Renewable energy, Property and Venture programs in Kenya and Empreus LTD an investment company focused on Technology Security and Innovations investments.
My vision is to inspire the creation of actionable platforms and open systems that assure quality, ensure transparency, personal accountability, encourage community participation and safeguards their ownership of economic and democratic governance.