Uchaguzi, an Elections initiative developed in 2008 in partnership between three organizations: InfoNet, Constitution and Reform Education Consortium (CRECO), and Ushahidi to ensure that citizens participated in the electoral process and had access to electoral services.
Uchaguzi platform was first pre-tested during the Constitutional Referendum in Kenya in 2010 to monitor the tools and methods that were involved in the whole process. Later this year in the August 8th Kenya General Elections, through innovative use of a crowdsourcing platform which was aimed at improving official response to incidents, in partnership with InfoNET and The Constitution & Reform Education Consortium (CRECO),we gave Kenyan citizens the means to report events impacting the election process as well as monitored the Election process. The tagline was “Linda Kura Yako,” (“Protect your vote”).
Uchaguzi received over 7000 reports from a mix of sources. Almost 63% came in via SMS, 4% from Twitter, and 24% from other web sources, including newspaper articles. Most reports came from Kenyan citizens with the rest coming from the Uchaguzi field observers and some 700 trained field observers deployed by CRECO.
This coming Presidential Election Re run, on 26th October 2017, our role as Uchaguzi initiative is to ensure that Citizens’ participate in the Electoral process and have access to Electoral Services through providing EMBs and citizens with technology tools, platforms and spaces to engage in improving responsiveness to Elections service delivery challenges as well as Election Observation.
The action, is aimed at creating an environment for EMBs and citizens to effectively engage and ensure responsiveness to citizens’ concerns through participation indicators i.e. information, complaints, comments , feedback and enhance transparency, accountability additionally ensuring that the declared candidate is the rightful winner The expected outcomes are an audible citizen’s voice, greater state transparency, accountability and enhanced democratization processes through increased dialogue with authorities.
The Uchaguzi Ecosystem has brought together Observers from CRECO 700 + and an Action Response Teams through InfoNET that comprises of the EMBs (Electoral Management Bodies) to respond and action all verified incidents, which are received through the toll free SMS code.
The Election Situation Room, is set up to provide action to relevant authorities (EMBS). Some of these bodies included IEBC, The Police, amongst others in verifying and providing timely information on the election process around the Country as well as ensuring that all verified reported incidents are attended to appropriately.
Uchaguzi is looking forward to observe, receive and manage incidences of electoral offences, violence, peace initiatives and inform Kenyans of the Presidential Election process.


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